Date of birth:
10/ 04/ 1979
born in Hamburg, Germany
Mobile Phone:
+46 (0)70 855 81 89

June 2006 – Oct 2006 "Master of Architectural Lighting Design" KTH, Stockholm, Sweden
After a year of working in Stockholm I returned to write my final paper (Thesis) for a Masters of Science in Architectural Lighting Design at KTH in Stockholm. The thesis title is "Information by Intuition – An architectural light installation with a phenomenological approach". I have presented my work on October 16th 2006. My field of interest focuses on human behaviour towards architectural (i.e. spatial) lighting and the paper attempts to cross-connect research in surround vision and psychology of perception, linking it conclusively to my own findings of an experimental light installation.

Aug 2004 - March 2005
In the autumn of 2004 I studied “Light and Design” at the KTH Syd in Stockholm as part of an exchange program and finished the course with success. The course included lectures and practical exercises on Outdoor and Indoor Lighting as well as Luminaire Design. I decided to continue my studies in Sweden and participated in the “Daylight and Architecture” Course at KTH in spring 2005.

Sep 2004
Semester studying abroad at the Kungliga tekniska högskolan (Royal technical institute) in the program “light and design”.
The course included lectures and exercises on indoor and outdoor lighting and luminaire design.

Sep 2003
I have successfully participated in the first year of the Master of Arts course in “Architectural Lighting Design” at the University of Wismar in Germany.

July 2002
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Architecture at the University of Greenwich. (2.1 = upper second)
Bachelor Dissertation on Brasilia and Chandighar - cities built from scratch. The implementations of planned cities versus naturally grown cities.

July 1998
Degree “Abitur” (equivalent of A-Levels) at the “Buckhorn Gymnasium” in Hamburg, Germany.
Intensive courses in Mathematics, Fine Arts, Psychology and Philosophy.

From March 2007
Full employment as Architectural Lighting Designer at Ljusarkitektur (Light-architecture) P&Ö in Stockholm, Sweden. The practice is specialised purely on architectural lighting design, practicing mostly in Sweden but also internationally. I am currently working as a project manager for the lighting interior/exterior of a new shopping centre in Stockholm. I am also involved in an exterior residential project in Norway as well as in the design for lighting private high-end residence in the US. We speak both Swedish and English at the office.

Nov 2006 – Feb 2007
Employment as Architectural Lighting Designer at Ejhed Arkitekter, Light and Design. Most engagement for the Masterplan of Djurgården, Stockholm, following exterior lighting works as part of the masterplan. Fassade lighting of Kalmar Länsmuseum; exterior lighting for the anthroposophic community in Järna, near Stockholm.

Oct 2006
Freelance engagement as Architectural lighting designer for the Light festival in Kalmar, Sweden. For this light festival 10 independent, local artists and designer were engaged. The Artists were free to chose to work in small teams of two or independently and to chose a site. Thus Bodil Magnusson and I decided to work together as we chose the same site. A town arch was illuminated from inside and outside – light and sound working together in one composition. "The conceptual idea is to reveal the human in the architecture. Inner and outer expression in light with pristine sounds from the bottom. The unconscious in form of steps down to the water."

September 2002 - Juli 2003
Employed as Architectural Assistant at “Michael Ginn Associates”.
Michael Ginn Associates is an Architectural Practice in London which specialised in social housing and on off houses in the East End of London. My tasks included CAD drawings for planning applications, some technical details, designing flat layouts and facade arrangements and writing detailed design statements. I also created 3d visualisations.

June 2001 - August 2001
4 weeks of work experience in the architect’s office called “Wittorf Architekten” in Hamburg.

June 1999 - August 1999
Working at the event agency "Unger Event" in Hamburg

April 1999 - May 1999
Internship at the carpentry "Mass & Evers" in Hamburg

September 1998 - December 1998
3 months of work experience at "Helm Architects" in London.

Proficient computer skills including Auto CAD 2004, 3D Max 6.0 for 3D Computer Modelling, Photoshop, Illustrator, Coral Draw, Office; Basic Web Design with Dreamweaver 4.0; Also familiar with Apple Macintosh

Fluent spoken and written English
Seven years of French in High school
I am learning Swedish now - have reached a good conversational level so far.